Trainings & Workshops

We love what we do, and we love teaching it, too!

Vesper provides online training for echolocation species identification of bats (including Indiana bat and northern long-eared bat), and in-person workshops on tropical bat capture and acoustic survey techniques in Belize and Costa Rica. 

Let us know how we can bring our knowledge to you!

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Training in Acoustic Identification

Vesper offers online instruction on best practices for acoustic monitoring and echolocation species identification, as well as diagnostic characteristics for bat species in the following regions:

  • Northeast/Great Lakes/Eastern Great Plains (10 species)

  • Southeast (18 species)

  • Pacific Northwest (15 species)

  • Intermountain West (18 species)

  • Southwest (25 species)

  • Canada East (8 species)

  • Canada West & Alaska (14 species)

  • The Neotropics (30 species)

Perfect for graduate students, wildlife professionals, and acoustic enthusiasts!

Prices from $75+ and class times from 3 hrs (1 afternoon) to 15 hrs (3 afternoons). Price and time depends on region being taught. 

Check back for scheduled classes and registration information, OR please contact us to indicate the region(s) you are interested in so that we can let you know when those classes are available!


Neotropical Bat Workshops

We regularly lead workshops on capture techniques, acoustic monitoring, and species identification at locations in Belize and Costa Rica. Group size is 12, and can be students. professionals, or enthusiasts. No previous experience required! Interested? Please let us know and we will let you know about the next opportunity!

A Week in the Tropics!

Work and play in paradise

Capture Tropical Bats!

Mist net and handle 20+ species

Identify Species in Hand!

Possible vampire and wrinkle-faced bats

Learn Echolocation Calls!

Record and identify 20+ species


Ruins, jungle, ocean, and more!