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NPS logo.png

Vesper supports NPS staff that conduct acoustic monitoring at the Flight 93 National Memorial to determine the effect of the Tribute in Light on migratory species.

Adaptive Restoration logo.png

Vesper partnered with Adaptive Restoration LLC to determine whether federal and state-threatened species (northern long-eared bat, big brown bat, little brown bat) and a federal species of concern (tricolored bat) were present within Brigham County Park, Wisconsin.

Taiga clear.png

Taiga Wildlife Research contracted Vesper to conduct echolocation species identification on four years of recordings collected in southeastern Alaska for the North American Bat Monitoring program.


Vesper identified species for 504 detector-nights of data collected by the Bureau of Land Management in the Royal Gorge and Uncompahgre districts of Colorado for the North American Bat Monitoring Program (NABat).

LDWF logo.jpg

Vesper analyzed acoustic data collected during summer and winter mobile transects across Louisiana to support the North American Bat Monitoring Program and detect White Nose Syndrome arriving in the state.

Vesper analyzed 30,000 acoustic files collected by the Alaska Department of Fish and Wildlife throughout Alaska to support the North American Bat Monitoring program.


Texas State University, in collaboration with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, is collecting acoustic data from 100 bat detectors deployed year-round across the state of Texas. Vesper is identifying bat echolocation calls to species in support of the North American Bat Monitoring program, to track species of interest that may be impacted by White Nose Syndrome (tricolored bats, cave bats), and for various academic projects.

Conservation Ecology LLC logo.png

Conservation Ecology LLC is an ecological consulting company based in North Carolina, and does bat species inventories at conservation ranches in Texas, South Carolina, and Georgia.

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Our Partners

Who We Work With

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Leaders in bat conservation, education, and science, Bat Conservation International enlisted Vesper for a 5-month contract to manage two high-profile research projects at a wind farm in Iowa. It is an honor to work with this premier organization.

Northwestern Bat Hub logo.png

The Northwestern Bat Hub, based at Oregon State University-Cascades, hired Vesper to analyze thousands of bat calls collected at national forests in Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, and Washington for the North American Bat Monitoring Program

Atwell logo.jpg

A leading environmental consulting firm, Atwell has contracted with Vesper's founder to be their on-call bat biologist, assisting staff as needed with bat expertise for ongoing wind development projects. Vesper also analyzed acoustic data collected at wind farms for activity rate and species presence.

Copperhead logo.jpg

An innovative environmental consulting group based in the southeastern US, Copperhead shares Vesper's vision for research and providing quality expertise for clients. Copperhead partnered with Vesper to analyze North American Bat Monitoring Program (NABat) data collected by the Bureau of Land Management in Colorado.


SWCA needed a permitted bat biologist to lead a crew for surveys of threatened and endangered species, and Vesper was only too happy to oblige.

GeoSystems Analysis.jpg

GSA hired Vesper to deploy acoustic detectors and capture bats at a proposed wind energy facility in east-central New Mexico.

TREES logo.jpg

Our partner and host site for Neotropical bat workshops in Belize. Vesper also works closely with TREES to promote research and education of bats within Belize.


Sylvan is our partner and host site for Neotropical workshops in Costa Rica. Managed by author/illustrator/naturalist Fiona Reid. Escape to Sylvan!

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