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Being involved with our community and educating the next generation about bats is important to us at Vesper. As such, we offer fun, educational bat presentations to schools or special interest groups, and backyard bat surveys to home owners.

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Learn from a bat expert!

Vesper will speak with your classroom, homeschool group, scout troop, 4-H club, Master Naturalist's group, library, business, or any other group or event!

Vesper has been giving presentations on bats for 20 years, to all age groups. Common topics include basic biology, adaptations, cool behaviors, local species, tropical species, and conservation. Talks can be customized to your interests and needs!

Virtual or in-person presentations are available year-round. Please inquire!

Outdoor ‘Friendly Neighborhood Bat Talks’ are offered between May and October for groups in northern CO or southern WY. Vesper brings a portable screen and projector to set up in your yard or a park. This can be for a single family, or you can make it an event and invite friends and neighbors for a fun, memorable evening of bats! 

Vesper also teaches bat classes on Outschool.

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Got Bats?

Do you have bats living on your property? Vesper can identify your species, assess the colony, and provide information on how to exclude unwanted bats or introduce alternate shelter for your tenants (bat houses).

Or are you curious what bats are visiting your yard each night to forage on insects? Vesper can do an acoustic survey for one or more nights to let you know which species are providing you with free pest control!

These services are only available for those living in the Front Range area of northern Colorado or southern Wyoming from May to September. Please inquire!

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