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We love what we do, and we love teaching it, too!

Vesper provides online training for echolocation species identification of bats (including Indiana bat and northern long-eared bat), and in-person workshops on tropical bat capture and acoustic survey techniques in Belize and Costa Rica. 

Let us know how we can bring our knowledge to you!

Trainings & Workshops: Services
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Training in Acoustic Identification

Vesper periodically offers online classes for:

  • Echolocation 101/Best Practices for Acoustic Monitoring and Manual Vetting

  • Acoustic ID of 20 Eastern US/Canada bats

  • Acoustic ID of 22 Western US/Canada bats

  • Acoustic ID of Neotropical Bats (30 species)

  • SonoBat Beginner 

  • SonoBat Advanced

We can also provide private training for subregions (e.g., Southeast, Midwest, etc). In-person training for individuals and institutions is also possible.

Perfect for graduate students, wildlife professionals, and acoustic enthusiasts!

Prices from $50+ and class times from 2 hrs to 9 hrs (3 afternoons). Price and time depends on region being taught. 

Please contact us to express your interest and join our notification list!

Trainings & Workshops: Services
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Acoustic ID of US/Canada Species

Fall class dates to be determined!
Let us know of your interest and we will add you to our notification list.

6 Options! (All times Mountain Time Zone)

Echo 101 & Best Practices (required for ID classes; $75)

SonoBat Beginner ($50)

SonoBat Advanced ($50)

Acoustic ID of Western Bats ($150)

Acoustic ID of Eastern Bats ($150)

Learn all 20 eastern species!

Florida bonneted, hoary, Brazilian free-tailed, big brown, silver-haired, southern yellow, northern yellow, eastern red/Seminole, evening, tricolored bats, Rafinesques’s big eared, Ozark big-eared, Virginia big-eared, northern long-eared, little brown, Indiana, southeastern, eastern small-footed, gray bats

Learn 22 western species!

Spotted, Allen's big-eared, big free-tailed, Mexican free-tailed, hoary, big brown, silver-haired, pallid, eastern/western red, canyon, Townsend's big-eared, fringed, western long-eared, northern long-eared, little brown/Arizona, long-legged, cave, western small-footed, Yuma, California bats

Best Practices!

Echolocation 101, detector deployment, how to choose which calls to ID, SonoBat basics, data management, processing, and vetting

All skill levels welcome!

Graduate students, wildlife professionals, bat acoustic enthusiasts

Trainings & Workshops: Projects
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2022 Workshop is complete!

11 Days in the Tropics!

Capture Tropical Bats!

Mist net and handle up to 40 species

Identify Species in Hand!

Possible vampire, fishing, and disk-winged bats

Learn Echolocation Calls!

Record and identify 20+ species


Rainforest, waterfalls, caves, and more!

Trainings & Workshops: Projects
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