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Flight 93 Memorial acoustic survey

The Tribute in Light at the Flight 93 National Memorial was begun in 2020 to commemorate the brave Americans who died during the terrorist hijacking in Pennsylvania. The National Park Service contracted with Vesper to provide advice on study design, staff training, and protocols to determine how migrating birds and bats react to the display. Stationary and mobile detectors (Mini Bat, Walkabout, EchoMeter) were used. Vesper also analyzed data and classified bat calls to species. We are proud to have been part of the process to honor our fallen and protect our species.

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Brigham County Park species inventory

Vesper partnered with Adaptive Restoration LLC to determine whether federal and state-threatened species (northern long-eared bat, big brown bat, little brown bat) and a federal species of concern (tricolored bat) were present within Brigham County Park, Wisconsin. Adaptive Restoration collected the acoustic data and Vesper identified bat echolocation to species. An excellent partnership!

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Acoustic ID of Eastern US Species

Vesper taught an afternoon online class for graduate students and wildlife professionals seeking to learn diagnostic characteristics for 13 eastern U.S. species, including Indiana bat and northern long-eared bat.

Neotropical Bat Workshops

Vesper regularly provides week-long workshops at T.R.E.E.S. (Toucan Ridge Ecology and Education Society) in Belize on bat capture techniques and acoustic identification. Previous workshops captured up to 19 species, acoustically identified an additional 20 species, and still had time to explore Mayan ruins, kayak through caves, and enjoy Belizean culture.


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